C'est la vie (John Dählback remix) Lyrics

Ah ah, ah ah(Whoo!)
Not So Easy...
Ah ah, ah ah(Whoo!)(x4)
You have to buy this, you will look so (Whoo)
You have to practice, never let yourself go.
What are you wearing ? It's not a new (Whoo)
People are watching, what a shame if they knew !

Ah ah, ah ah(Whoo!)
Not So Easy...
Be Like this, don't do that!
Ah ah, ah ah(Whoo!)
You have to break ice, buy me a drink (Whoo)
From there your seem nice, I don't care what you think.
If you get something, don't let it show (Whoo)
People are watching, really they don't wanna know.

I just wanna be free. C'est la vie !
Not So Easy Ah ah, ah ah
C'est la vie !
Be like this, don't do that ! Don't go too far (Whoo)
Give me a big smile, if she drives a better car.
Don't give me distance, you talk too much
People are watching, what do they think about us ?

Be Like This Don't Do That! (x4)

By ShO_Guille!
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