The Family Jewels Lyrics

i can't break the cycle
am i just a fool?
falling down like dominoes
hit by family jewels
pass it down from kid to kid
chain will never end
unless i decide to go to it
will i see the end?

oh don't you find it strange
only thing we share is one last name
did i beat you at your own game
typical of me to put a sword to shame

welcome to the family jewles
coal to diamonds, sold to fools
welcome to the family jewels
simmer and suffer, can't keep his cool
i can't keep my cool
i can't keep my cool
family said i decided
to live a loveless life
is it my fault we stay divided?
'cause i've got too much pride
pass the parcel, wrap unwrap
and open up the locks
out come flying all the secrets
of pandoras box
oh, you think im unfit
little did you know i was cut for it
no glass slipper will ever fit
'cause i could never see a diamond in it


and when we're in the dark
it echoes in your heart
and when your far away
it beckons me to stay

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