New Resistance (demo) Lyrics

Machine Head comin' to get ya
Got New Resistance...New Resistance...Got New Resistance...NOW...
Got me p*****
You bringin' the drama?
We're comin' to flex
We're bringin' the static,
I ain't talkin' X
You don't think I'm crazy?
You don't wanna test
Carve my name in your f*****' chest
I mean it You don't think I done it?
You seen it Ya f*****' peanut
The Undisputed t**le Stripper
Absolut Vodka sipper f*** yeah, p**** licker
M-H's the best, that's the point
Got them rippin' up the lawn, Ozzfest - Detroit
Mr. Big Shot Step a little closer please And drop to your knees
Cause you ain't me
You'll never be
We been around and made a sound
You try to take
But pound for pound you can't
Well good luck
Cause we stand true That's how we do
From us to you
The big
f*** YOU
I can see
Why you hate me
Cause we're the real
So deal
f*** YOU
New Resistance...New Resistance...Got New Resistance
Let me spell this out...
F-U-C-K, f*** all of you
Diss The Burning Red and I'm maulin'
You m************ didn't even know about the level 'til The Big MH came and killed
Who brought the Bay the sound that innovated?
Who "f***** It All"?
Now we f*****' made it
WE'RE the ones your a** has imitated
The Real Juice Your f****** concentrated
Constipatin' all the others
Who just out of habit
Can't grab it Silly Rabbit
You just can't fathom how a band could be so RAW
Now pick up your jaw
Can you hear your ears ringin'?
We'll chew you up
Spit you
Out and you
Can't break this
We'll dominate, appreciate
I tell you son Just what cause you should
Give it up
You try to be
To be like us, but that you'll never do
I, been, running around you
I been crawling I'm gonna crawl into yo
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