Go 2 Sleep Lyrics

[Hook 3x]
GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep, GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep
Maaan, I tell a hoe to go to sleep (go to sleep)
They turn around and frown, gotta make 'em six feet deep
'Cause we knock 'em unconscious with that non-sense
Read inbetween that fine print, think about lyrical con-tent
Then about where your time spent
Mess around get your guys hit; a ten HUUUT!
I send Three-Six ol' sheeyit, n**** WHAAAT?
If ya tired ya tired, if ya snooze ya lose
But'chu you won't wrap up ya bandages, or heal you wound

[Infamous 2-0]
n**** I got shotty's and semi's - I love 'dro and Henne' ?
All brown and skinny, but I've f***** up so many
I got QP's and halves - if we beefin' I blast
You sleepin' I laugh, ask 'Cris, I'm off the rip
I had this hoe who talked too much; I had to off the b****
2-0, Mr. Crayola; n***** know what I mean
'Cause I slang brown, white, yellow, purple and green
And all you f*****-m****f****s gotta know the routine

[Hook 4x]

[Crunchy Black]
b**** it's me again, kickin' in your f*****' doors
I look for div-idends - I ain't lookin' for you hoes
You b**** can't com-prehend; let me put one in your boot
Let me put one in your boat, so you ? can go to sleep
So, lay down b****; gimme all that you dreamed for
Gimme fancy cars, gimme bling-bling-bling, boi
It don't mean a thing, boi, for me that ain't gon' swing, boi
Them god d*** toys; do you know what I mean, boi?
[DJ Paul]
Now if you warrin' and runnin' from them Three-Six n*****
This forty-five gon' give a reason to sleep, n****
Or bustin' massive 'round some S.K.
My last trip to A-T-L I f***** yo' cascade
I'm strippin' b****** and I'ma ball f***** with a limp
They call me infer-stripper, s**y, red hoe's pimp
And quick to sink her on the n**** 'cause this what it's 'bout
We rob that trick and stick his d*** off in his f*****' mouth
We Memphis n*****

[Hook 4x]

[Juicy J]
North, north, south, south, Westwood, Orange Mound
n**** we be smokin' life; never shut ya Charlie Brown
Memphis n***** in this b****; pockets full, ya know we bail
Hooked up with my n**** 'Cris, then we head to A-T-L
Playas wild, throwin' bows, tellin' chickens, "f*** you hoe!"
n**** rollin' up the moe, as long that white s*** up they nose
Mayn this town is like my town, so we stayed and hung around
Juicy J be high as f***; catch me in the lost and found
[Lil' Fate]
Better use common sense checkin' me out for b**** I can stand for
And up, get yaself in this clique
Without my tongue licks, behind me gettin' handcuffed by a s***
Look, I'm from Gittero what?
Southside n***** throw it up when it's time to get buck
n***** in the back of the club postin' up
Waitin' for a n**** that's new to make it up
a** in, ain't no askin'; it's no tolerance as long b**** check in
She wit' me, comments will only get'chu basically eternally resting
So abide by the call of the streets
If ya got a b**** better keep her on a leash
íCause Lil Fate gonna creep in ya home while you gone
Have you comin' back findin' nutt on yo' sheets

[Hook 4x]
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