I Can See Again Lyrics

How did I wake up to the breeze
And not even feel the air?
How did I let each day go by
And not know it's there?
Forcing the laughter just to hide
The sound of a breaking heart
Holding my breath to keep
My world from falling apart
Then you came along
Opened my eyes
Oh you woke me out of the dark

Now I can see again
From the moment our eyes met
I felt free standing by your side.
I could feel the deepest part of you
Touch the deepest part of me
I can see again
How does the river know to run
Into the open sea?
I guess I knew deep in my heart
That you'd come to me
Holding on to each breath you take
Every smile, every step of the way
Just when I thought my world had crumbled
You showed me the way
Yes you came along, opened my eyes
Oh you woke me out of the dark
When you hold me
When you touch me
You're my lover, friend

I can see again

by Bitito
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