Quiet Lyrics

Now I'm standing on the edge
And the area's oh so clear
The view is so outstanding
And it's sounding in my ears
Come thundering

Now the weather's come and gone
I feel flippancy and fear
Wrapped my mind around you
So it feels like you're near
Under my skin

Well I sense a warmth inside this darkness
Feel a hand upon my head
Realize that I am relatively special
So I'm quiet instead
Yes I'm quiet instead
(same as 1rst verse)
Now I open up my ears
(Rise up?) in my eyes
Open up my heart so I can feel with my mind
Set the wheels in motion
Now I glide along the street
With the wind inside my..?
Flapping my wings and I'm wagging my tail
Like a boat on the ocean

And I don't need to shout out
I don't need to cry out loud
Don't need to write it down
'Cause I can find a way to get away
And be the way and see the way I am now
I can see the way I am now
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