Kim Carnes Lyrics

Chasin' Wild Trains
  1. One Beat at a Time
  2. Just to See You Smile
  3. Where Is the Boy?
  4. Goodnight Angel
  5. Lucid Dreams
  6. All About Time
  7. Runaway
  8. You Made My Skin Burn
  9. Still Warmed by the Thrill
  10. If I Was an Angel
  11. Too Far Gone
  12. Stepped Right in It
Rest on Me
  1. It Takes Time
  2. Sweet Love Song to My Soul
  3. Everything Has Got to Be Free
  4. Do You Wanna Dance
  5. I Won't Call You Back
  6. To Love
  7. To Love Somebody
  8. Fell in Love with Poet
  9. One More River to Cross
  10. You Can Do It to Me Anytime
  11. Rest on Me