Kisses Are the Doctor's Order Lyrics

Yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah,
yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah
Is burning bright
Move your body close to mine and say:
Yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah (2x)
You're so hot,
I know a lot
A lot of things to make you feel so
Yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah (2x)
I call your name,
You do the same
Magic touched our lovesick souls
We're hand in hand tonight
So left that, we just feel alright
Kisses are the doctor's order,
Kiss is all we need,
A kiss - just what the doctor ordered
To make a sick heart beat
Kisses are the doctor's order,
Kisses can't be wrong,
To kiss - just what the doctor ordered
To make our hearts go boom-boom-boom-boom
You've got my love,
You've got my soul
And me - I've lost my self-control
Yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah (2x)
Your hair smells good,
Your lips taste sweet
I'm the one who needs your sugar love
Yeah-yeah, say yeah-yeah (2x)
Feel my heartbeat,
Touch my skin,
Come on, baby, let's party tonight
To you I'm never gonna lie
Without you I'm a lonely guy
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