Know Your Name (English Version) Lyrics

I just wanna know your name,

Nah girl, I ain't tryin' to play no games.
Just move to the beat girl, do your thang.

A lot of these dudes yeah, (they're) they all the same.

But me, I'm different, you better listen.

Yeah, you're s**y, don't get it twisted.

-But I want more than one night.

Buy you a drink yeah girl, I just might.

But it's not to get you drunk.

I wanna get to know you (and) have some fun/

Take you for a ride girl, saddle up.

Me plus you go -and add it up.

And you'll see there's no problems/

If there is, we'll go slov'em.

There's no risk girl, I'll call it.

Even if there is, I'm all in.

Verse 1

Oh shawty-shawty from the moment I saw your face,

I knew you were different from all these other girls, yeah.

~I was looking to just kick and chill tonight~

But after I saw you -all of my plans changed, girl.

Girl, let me get a lil' closer.

Cause I just wanna get to know ya.

Let's have a conversation.

I'll hold back my temptations.

We don't have to get wasted,
Just give me a chance, oh~


There ain't no need to go,

I wanna take it slow.

I'm just lookin' to hang with you,

Not trying to take you home.

Just meet me on the floor, I will give you a show.

~There's just something that I've gotta know.~


You don't have to worry,

I ain't in a hurry.

I just wanna know your name.

I don't have no bad intentions,

Just a couple questions.

I just wanna know your name.

You're the baddest chick I've seen around, here in awhile~

I can be with you right, tryin' to play no games.
So beautiful,

Want you to know,


I just wanna know your name.


Oh~ girl.

I'm really feelin' you,

I'm really diggin' you,

The crazy things you do,

Shawty I want you so bad right now~

(But I'll wait.)

Cause I'm a gentleman so I'm going to keep my cool.



Ya name~ (6*)

Yo Girl, I'm glad you came

Just wanna know your name

Girl-girl I ain't playin' no games

Just know I'm not the same

Just wanna know your name 2*

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