Telephone Games Lyrics

My friends, your friends
Everybody's whispering
The same old telephone games.
High school is over
We don't grow up
No we just get older
Such a shame.

And we can't shake it.
Is there any truth behind what
They are saying, babe?

I'm here, you're there
Talk is cheap, it's everywhere.
Denial eases the pain.

But when the summer turns to fall
I won't be waiting for your call.
I'm only holding on, holding on
For so long.
You've got me holding on...
On the line.
It's the talk of the town
Has my heart turned upside down.
The same old telephone games.

Send a message through the wire
Set the rumor mill on fire.
Watch it burn up in flames.
And I believe, when I see
You standing in front of me
Eye-to-eye, face-to-face.

Are you lovin' someone new?
Has a change of heart changed you?
Maybe I'm going insane.


..on the line..on the line..on the line.

On the line.
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