Lacavocal Lyrics

Go on and be carefree
You honestly sneak off
What? Heh heh heh heh heh
You're very cool
Num num num num num num num

Okay, forget about it, buddy
It's too dizzy, bizzy!
At first she's terrific
Too many reasons overdoing the psychopathic realizations
Do you seem to forgetting this?
So don't mind watching me for telling no more
You're too sustainingly threesome
Now you've come for me and p***** on me
Just watch what you say
I'm mistaken
I'm mistaken
I'm mistaken
You been to some last place then
Do you tell me everything now yet?
Ah yeah, far out!
Ah! Ah! You're cracking it down for the six strings
I don't think it's too late
AAAAHH! And I think you've done it.
Nobody knows.
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