Swerve Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now we ain't tryna have no f*****' party
Unless your girls tryna all get naughty
I got some lean in my truck right now
And I'm tryna make it all go down
My friends like sniffin' cocaine
They hit the strip club on a b**** and make it rain
I like making money on the f*****' corner too
But I'd much rather be somewhere doing wall street deals

I had to swerve on em', I had to swerve
Whats the word on them? What's the word?
So can I swerve on em'? Can I swerve?
I had to swerve on em', I had to swerve

[Verse 2]
Now I'm always flying down on the highways
I be tryna make a money turn to five ways
I remember when I used to have a two way
And now I make the club go up on a Tuesday
My cousin outta town with that new s***
He comin' right back like a new pit
He barkin' with that new f*****' sparker
n***** out here crazy like they Waka

[Verse 3]
I don't like to share my drugs
Cause all these n***** wanna smoke my bud
Don't nobody have no f*****' money
They laugh at jokes, ha ha, they think this s*** is funny
But ain't nothin' funny at all
I had to make a hundred thousand before fall
I got n***** tryna kick me out my house
I got n***** in the trap like a mouse

[Verse 4]
Now I'm bout to fly outta town
I'll be back in September when it's brown
On the leaves but I'll still have that green
I mean my friends kinda know what I mean
We be gettin' f*****' drunk all the time now
I be tryna be in the high times now
On the front cover with my f*****' dojer
I play games b**** I'm PlayStation controller
So let me swerve on em', so let me swerve

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