Heavy Crown Lyrics

Heavy Crown Lyrics

Iggy Azalea feat. Ellie Goulding
[Verse 1: Iggy Azalea]
Life been crazy, all advice has been to chill more
Ironic, I been livin' off what people down to kill for
And I find no comfort in numbers, knowin' there's always a mill more
Fact was that cat dragged my pretty a** right on the top of that billboard
And all of my folks who done been here from jump you the ones I'ma cover the bill for
And as I get ill more, we gon' triple the order of champagne and spill more
Let's handle the real score, been wonderin' what the public got a feel for
So let's keep it real, y'all, you know I'm killing game soon as I step on the field, y'all
The top where I'm at now, there's no turning back now
I won't ever back down, they feel me like they givin' Iggy a pat-down
I needed a moment I found it, lately I've been on my runnin' the town s***, especially walkin' around with...

[Hook: Ellie Goulding]
This heavy crown
You can't always please the crowd
But I am still not bowin' down
This heavy crown
It comes and goes around
And when it's time, I'll pass it proud
But b**** I got it now
[Verse 2: Iggy Azalea]
So keep it cute, chick, and don't be hatin' on the new chick
Go back and check the stats and bet they let you know I do's this
Glasses full of empty, dependin' on point of view chick
If you was mad before, I bet you hate me for this new s***
Maybe you should watch what you got comin' out your two lips
Get cool with how I kick it, or else you gon' get the boot b****
Iggy A-Z-A AKA captain of the cruise ship
Don't penny pinch, I promise baby I don't need your two cents
Get rid of the makeup, let 'em see just who you is
But if you feel like that girl, bless your heart, go get it how you live
When you hear my name, you gotta know that she's somethin' regal
I'm one of one, ain't no sequels when wearin'...

[Verse 3: Iggy Azalea]
To everyone who said I'd never make it
Oh Lord, weren't you mistaken?
I got a dinner date with greatness
Iggy Igg ain't never been nothing to play with, hold up
To everyone who said I'd never make it
I'm at the top laughin' in your faces
I've been practicin' my patience
But I'll switch back quick if you play with...

[Outro: Ellie Goulding (and Iggy Azalea)]
This heavy crown (to everyone who said I'd never make it)
This heavy crown (oh Lord, weren't you mistaken?) (x3)

This heavy crown (to everyone who said I'd never make it)
This heavy crown (I'm at the top laughing in your faces) (x3)
b**** I got it now
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