Welcome... Machine Gun Lyrics

Times have changed
my friend
but they're still beautiful
Recall the place where I was born:
fields of green
it's me
the mad machine

I've come to play and run away.

When you wake up in the mornin'
wake up the melody

You can hear them call your name
your best friend is technology.
Round and round you're never lazy
round you turn in lullabies

29 - you're goin crazy - machine gun.

35 - he joined the Navy
good ole Navy's harmony

Then he got a broken heart on 20th anniversary.
Send your love to operators
send your love into the rain

Every day your solitude may hurt you like a hurricane.

So welcome
oh welcome
machine gun
oh welcome!
Martha planned to make a movie
movie made in stereo.
Then she went to California winded up on radio.
Round about the Navy-ballroom
get the man in gabardine

Kiss him once and kiss them all and send me cards on Halloween.

So welcome
oh welcome
machine gun
so welcome
machine gun!

Voice of silence come
the world's so wonderful
We cry
make love and the wind goes on.

Monday up to Saturday you kick your soul from 9 to 5

Sunday's always wonderful
you wander on the TV line.
Love is not a silly notion
love is not a monorail

Love is like the way you love
a candle in the hurricane.

So welcome
oh welcome
machine gun
oh welcome

machine gun!
So welcome
oh welcome
machine gun
oh welcome
machine gun!
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