Without Her Lyrics

I spend the night in a chair
Thinking she'll be there
But she never comes
And then I wake up
Wipe the sleep from my eyes
And I rise to face
Another day without her

Face another day without her

It's just no good anymore
When you walk through the
Door of an empty room

Then you go inside
Set the table for one
It's no fun to spend
Another day without her
Spend another day without her

We burst the pretty balloon
That took us to the moon
It's such a beautiful thing
But it's ended now

It sounds like a lie
If I say I'd rather die
Than live without her

Love is a beautiful thing
When it knows how to swing
And it moves like a clock
But the clock on the wall
Tell the lovers to part
And it's breaking my heart
To have to spend
A day without her

Spend another day without her

I can't go on without her
It's all wrong without her
Can't go on without her
Well, it's all wrong without her
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