Wabash Cannonball Lyrics

Wabash Cannonball - Hank Snow
Album: The Singing Ranger, Vol.4

Intro: Follow pattern of first two lines in Chorus*
[F] From the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide Pacific [Bb] shore
From the [C] banks of the sweet Maryland, to the ice-bound Labra-[F]-dor
It's a scene of magic splendor, that is known by one and [Bb] all
She's a [C] modern combination called the Wabash Cannon-[F]-ball

*[F] Listen to the jingle, to the rumble and the [Bb] roar
*As she [C] dances through the woodlands, that steals along the [F] shore
She's a mighty rushin' engine, you can hear them hobos [Bb] call
As they [C] ride the rods and the brakebeams on the Wabash Cannon-[F]-ball
Your cities may be fairer, as you can plainly [Bb] see
From Saint-[C]-Paul to Minneapolis, and the famous Alba-[F]-ny
Then back to ole Niagara where the laughing waters [Bb] fall
You can [C] hear them hoboes singin' on the Wabash Cannon-[F] ball
Repeat Chorus

Instrumental: Follow pattern of first two lines in Chorus*

[F] Here's health to daddy Claxton, may his name forever [Bb] stand
And [C] always be respected by folks throughout the [F] land
And when his mortal race is run and the curtains around him [Bb] fall
We'll [C] carry him home to Glory on the Wabash Cannon-[F]- ball

Repeat Chorus
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