Think I Want Her Lyrics

want her, I really want her, I think I want her.
Yo girlfriend done left with me, yea she's a goner.
I want her, I really want her, I gotta have her, now I got her, yea gucci got her, I'm bout to smash her. x2
Verse 1
Ya'll ball when ya'll can but I stunt when I wanna,
Yo girlfriend wanna f**k me, I think we're gonna.
Mariguanna got my beemer foggy as a summer, I'm gucci mane laflair b***h, I'm such a premadonna. I'm east atlanta shawty but I hang where I wanna, got a plug in arizona but used to slang on the corner.
Gotta chocolate nerdy lookin chick a ryder like wynona, told her text my celly plenty when she come from california. You are not the owner of that car that is a loaner, I got money stacks as tall as you cause that's just my persona. I got half a million on my neck come try me if you wanna, keep a shooter with a chopper turn you to a organ donor.
Chorus x2
Verse 2
My flow so skitzafrantic that I think I need a straightjacket, straight drop dope flow put me in a crack baggie. Old school like a 1960 cadillac, real well known in every hood that's why these n**ga's swagga jackin', not in my league nowhere close to my tax bracket, brick squad charm bout the same size of a tennis racket, thirty round tone in my jeans got my pants saggin, let yo girlfriend give me becky now the b**** braggin, rims to the white chain to watch hat to the shoes matchin', since I'm Gucci Mane might as well buy her some new glasses, everybody still lookin at me when my vette passing, brick squad ceo I guarentee the check cashes.
Chorus x2

Verse 3
Six stoves in my house and everybody cooking, ferrari pass by d*** everybody looking, a couple million dollars and I'm still straight crooked, you might had the game homeboy but I took it, I'm hoppin out the drop lambo like a kangaroo, Gucci brick squad ceo but tell me who the f*ck are you, like simon says yo' big sister do what I tell her to, I take risks from the bubble kush and then you know I sell it too, milatary rifles you would think I was a exmarine, sk, street sweeper, mac 90 or m16, no I'm not a fighter or a lover I am just a shooter, so if you disrespect my squad I'm a have to shoot ya'
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