Never Too Much Lyrics

never too much

I went to LA s*** freaked me out
came back the next week n**** bought me a house
and i still represent and live in the south
so n**** get that hollywood s*** out ya mouth
cuz if ya had it like me, you would do it like me
ride a rolls f*** hoes blow blows like me
f*** a rozzimos bullet tmz like me
reality tv show like me
Im trying to flip me a couple million or a billion
stunna on you hataz with my gold face grillin
juicy j the mane riding shotgun and peelin
in your neighborhood, with the finest fazillion
got that drug money mane so i gotta spend it
flip that get it back im open for your business
drumma boy memphis ten ya we in the building
trying to stack this cheese real high to the ceiling
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