Luv Me Lyrics

(She loves me she loves me not)
(She loves me she loves me not)
(V.V.D all the rocks my watch)
(I luv u 2 baby)
Shorty said she love me
But I'm thinkin maybe
Wonna hav my baby & wonna name him radrick
Ma name radrick davis I am not a saver
Radrick is a player
But gucci is the mayor
Shorty fine as hell
But she slick as hell
Luv the way she walk
And& I luv the way she smell
Shorty said she luv me
But I don't belive her
Wut about your ex man could of been your husband
Wut about your boyfriend
Betta yet your girlfriend
Girl got a girlfriend but I don't have a girlfriend
But I got a b**** dou
Sittin in ma 7 4
Riddin in the 6 low
Hood lil b****
So icy boys everybody gotta bad b****
Juice keep a bad b****
Zay keep a bad b****
Frencie gotta bad b****
Wu gotta bad b****(wu)
Gucci got a bad b****
And& wuka keep a bad b****

All my b****s luv me [x3]
I am very lucky(mwah)
My b**** said she luv me [x2] (mwah) [x2] (kisses)
I am very luck
Cause ma b**** said she luv me
All my b****s luv me [x4]
I am very lucky
I think that she luv me
All my b****s luv me
Ma b**** is not ugly
Ma b****s ain't dusted
But ya b**** is busted
Ya b**** is a busta
Ma b**** is a hustla
She don't fucc with sukas
She kno u a suka
U probably kno of her
U may even f***** her
She can't give me nothin but a nut
Becuz I'm stuk up
Gucci got a dump truck
And& he got a humer
And& he painted all his cars grey
For the summer
U a freaky girl
But I don't want ya numba
I just want that thang
Beat up just like it's a drummer
b** b** b** b**
Grab u by ya pum pum
Then I pull out a condum
And& make her run sum(it's gucci)

Gucci mane a bachler
d*** u attractive
Lookin 4 the baddest b****
Cause I think I could handle
Ma swag is conceded
Some b****s can't stand it
Some understand it
But some don't understand
All my b****s luv me
But I'm not romantic
But I luv it when they wear they dress
Without the pantys
Gucci mane will manage
Don't u think I'm handsome
Curvin like a lambo
U hurt him like a fantom
Hotter then a candle
I'm tryin to get a tamplet
Can I get a sample
I fell I need a pamflet
So icy the s*** girl
Don't u think we handsome(hu)
Don't u think we handsome
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