I'm a Giant Lyrics

I'm a giant, they see that i'm a giant, on 26's and glidin, let em know that i'm a giant, i'm a giant, i'm on the giant high, i'm ridin giant fly, on 26's in the d*** sky

my inside ostrich,outside candy, its seven days of the week, seven different bentleys
I'm sittin on ourvis, six plus twenty, I'm looking very pretty in my S 5-50
My 80 carat chain got me something like fifty
This multicarat chain got me looking p. diddy
Its young gucciracci, come and smoke ten wit me, and imma X ya off, cuz ya know i got plenty
That larry byrd yay for the kyshaun tickets, them outta town boys get diyon wit it
I'm sittin so high that i'm looking at pigeons, and its a car show everytime i hit ?visioins?
I'm standin on sixes, should i say ??sevens?, i'm sqautting on ////, but should i say limpin'?
4-54 thats a real big engine, how much i spent on it, n**** that ain't yo business
Humongous, enourmous, gucci ridin' jurassic
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