Greg Champion Lyrics

That's What I Like About Football, Vol II
  1. That's the Thing About Football
  2. I Am the Footy Fan
  3. I'd Like to See That
  4. Don't Let the Big V Down
  5. Hail Hail the Pies Are Here
  6. Tony Modra's Gone Surfing
  7. Plugger Be Good
  8. Stephen Kernahan
  9. Deep in Our Hearts We All Barrack for Fitzroy
  10. With a Brace Upon My Knee
  11. Everywhere Stynes
  12. Full-Time in the Football Stadium of Our Hearts
  13. Victoria
  14. Knee Reconstruction
  15. Came From Adelaide
  16. Gary Ablett
  17. Dipierdomenico
  18. Dermott Brereton Is a Hood
  19. The Grand Final
  20. The Day the Goal Ump Went the Screamer
  21. Cunningham Brothers
  22. Amazing Dakes
  23. Good Umpiring
  24. We Are the Crows
  25. VFL Park in the Dark
  26. Red Hot Go