Fly Me Away (C2 remix 4) Lyrics

Written by: Alison Elizabe Goldfrapp; William Owen Gregory

Drifting out of time
Something on your mind
And I wanna be the
One that you call
When you get down
No matter where you
Are in the world
I´ll be around

Fly me away on an aeroplane
High in the sky
Wanna see you again
Wanna know this time
Gonna tell you what I´m feeling
Gonna know this time
Gonna get it back, that feeling

Miles and miles of sun
Endless roads, twist on
Don´t wanna live a life
In a world that´s all the same
The crazy little things
That you do are magical
This crazy life
This crazy world
We´re living in is

Credits: Goldfrapp, Alison Elizabe (Songwriter); Gregory, William Owen (Songwriter); WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC PUBLISHING LT (Publisher)
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