Gloria Estefan Lyrics

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  1. Who Is Gloria Today?
  2. It Has to Be My Signature Tune
  3. Conga
  4. It's Kept Its Essence
  5. No Te Olividare
  6. It's My Motto
  7. Get on Your Feet
  8. The Last Thing I Wanted to Do Was Put Politics Into My Music
  9. Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)
  10. It's Not Your Typical Love Song
  11. Cuts Both Ways
  12. You Always Want to Give People a Fresh Take on It
  13. Coming Out of the Dark
  14. It Could Live in Many Genres
  15. Live for Loving You
  16. It's One of Those Songs I Wish I Could've Written
  17. I See Your Smile
  18. Shake the Hand of Every Immigrant
  19. Mi Tierra
  20. It Ended Up Being the Wedding Song of All Wedding Songs
  21. Con Los Anos Me Quedan
  22. You Understand Percussion, You Understand Drums
  23. Turn the Beat Around
  24. Opening Doors and Closing Wounds
  25. Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors)
  26. Kiss Is the Most Beautiful Thing in the World
  27. Por Un Beso
  28. Every Time We Look at a Photograph We Re-Live
  29. Tu Fotografia
  30. Esperando Interview Piece
  31. Esperando (Cuando Cuba Sea Libre)