Silver Lyrics

There's a village by the seaside
lt's the village I was born
Lives a lovely girl named Silver
By the colour of her hair.
we used to play together
By the harbour anä the beach.
we used to sing together
With the people in the church.
AII the older people smiled
When we were walkin' down the streets.
they said that I was born for you
And you were born for me.
But my heart was always restless
And the village much too small.
So I left my home and friends
And kissed goodbye my Silver girl.
silver is her hair.
Silver was the love we sharin'.
Silver now I see
That your love was gold for me.
YesI saw so many citiesAnd I loved so many girlsBut no one was there more prettyThan my lovely Silver girl.Too much songs and too much wineI spend my life without regretsBut I always shed a tearWhen I think of the love we had.Silversilver is her hair . . .I wasn't there when you needed me most of all.I wasn't there on your weddingdayI did not call.I wasn't there at the day that your first child was born.But believe me BabyI think about you some time.Silversilver is her hair . . .
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