Rainy Days (Live with the Far East Band) Lyrics

Rainy days dem gone
It's over now it's over now
Through those raging storm
We cover now we cover now
Rainy days dem gone
It's over now, it's over now
Wicked man dem hafi calm
Run for cover now for cover now
Verse martin jondo:

Now i am rising
And smiling
And jammin'
The shackles around my neck
Now I know how to trust in the sweet love
No I got the keys to the door oh lord
And jah jah sweet light is shining in my heart

verse gentleman:

I remember how we used to sit
Down worry 'bout life
But true we confident
We never ever give up the fight
The music with the blessing
And jah show we the light
Hafi mek dem seh we move upright
Watch deh clear the way
And mek we buss weh like tide
Babylon dem try fi track we tek the next flight
A who dem try fi diss me wonder
Who dem try fi fight

Verse tamika:
I've got to get myself together now
Forgetting the past it's all 'bout the here and now
now I know I could make it if I try
And jah never let my perseverance die
'cause I want to give my all and all

verse gentleman:

chant some redemption and give jah jah the praise
babylon your time is done and not to mention your days
light up the fire now you can't stop the blaze
revolutionary mood dem can't tek ina the place
you can't pollute me and you can't change me ways
think she man a sleep a you think man a gaze
I a sit down and a study fi survive the next phase
She say and he say and we

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