Copy Love (2005 remix) Lyrics

Please take one look at me
Tell me who do you see
Just someone from the past
Memories are fading fast
I'm still around
And I just can't tell what I feel
Don't turn me down
I am flesh and blood, I am real
Secretive millionaires
Unlikely love affairs
Strangers that come along
Handsome and dark and strong
Doctors in white
Aren't they all too few around here
When will your knight
In his shining armour appear
Merchants of dreams
Have arrived and they're
Here to sell
It's just Copy Love
Copy Love, who needs that
Where there's a market
There's always a tale to tell
It's just Copy Love
Copy Love, who needs that
Who needs that
Glitter and gold
That's not you and me
And you'd be a fool to fall
It's just Copy Love, that's all
Orphan inheriting
Fortune and wedding ring
Servants and grand estate
All on a silver plate
Don't let your brain
Fall asleep on fairyland dreams
Castles in Spain
They're just false and
Ludicrous schemes
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