Things are Changing Lyrics

Ooh baby things are changing now
Things are changing now and I can't tell
Where I'll be from here on out
Ooh it's hell
Knowing that for now
We shouldn't kiss and tell
When it's so good
You walk up to me like a stranger girl
and I already know your name
I can make you feel good
If you want to give me the time of day
Won't you listen to me here and now
Cause I'll lay it down simple and plan
Ooh it'd be good to get together girl
But it'll be so hard to maintain
Cause it seems like now

I told you already girl
That I oh I was so gone
But that sweet sweet love
Yeah it had me hanging on
So strong and I
I know now girl
That I can stand alone
I was put here on this earth
By myself woah I gotta keep moving on
Cause it seems like now
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