I Wanna Be With U Lyrics

Chorus: I wanna b with you
I wanna b with you baby
Yeah baby
Vers: I wanna b with you
'cause my love is true
There's so many things that i wanna do
I wanna b with you every night and day
Oh baby oh baby please stay

Rap 1: What's up what's wrong?
Don't stop loving me
'cause my love is very deep
And i know what you need
What can i do to fulfill your dreams?
I wanna b with you
No matter what you do so come on
Give what i need
Hit hit i get straight with it
'cause when i see you girl
You know you make me go wicked
Back to the point and you
know me be movin'
I wanna be with you 'cause
My heart is still groovin'
Rap 2: Girlie girlie tell me
What you want from me
So deep in love baby can't you see
I wanna hear
Some lovely words from you
Come baby come
Say i wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
You wanna be with me girl
well just come here
The love i got will be right here
I wanna make you weak in every way
'cause the love i give you walk this way
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