Discipline and Deep Water Lyrics

You may have to run to come to this
Don't catch your minds wrist
Oh my god is deliver your children from adults
Only the prophets and heroines
Won't bring you a normalcy
Break your heart just a wide enough to lie
This is a discipline of deep water
Ah hah, hah ah, hah
Ah hah, hah ah, hah

I am not the queen of anyone, but later on
Who really are you without story to start you?
Hands in the fire until
He make your iron I will
Free, free, don't believe it
This is one full metre of doubling

Ah hah, hah ah, hah

Afraid to not to kiss you on the mouth
Hold your hands out
Fires there
Bring into knife like the air
When pleasure hurts you more than anything
I'm the one and the whispering her cheaper
Stop your mind just for long enough to stray
This is the only hold of every part
Ah hah, hah ah, hah [x18]
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