I'll Wait for You Lyrics

Like a dream I've never seen before
The morning that I found you note by my door
You left me one goodbye you were there no more
Oh I want youhere with me
(And) I need you (baby) can't you see
I (just) can't stand on my own

In the middle of the cold night
Can you feel my heart beating
In the middle of the pouring rain
Can you hear me calling your name
In the middle of the quiet night
Can you hear me saying... I will...
Ohh I will... I'll wait for you
If I only could I'd have made you stay
I'd turn back the clock if I only knew the way
I'm counting shooting stars
Wishing you'd be back someday
REPEAT * & #

Oh I was wrong to forsake the love you gave me
I'm such a fool, now I cry in vain
(I need you)

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