Opus 17 Lyrics

Oh I can see There ain't no room for me-
You're only holding out your heart in sympaty.
If there's another man Then girl I understand.
Go on and take his hand and don't you worry 'bout me.
Oh I'll be blue And I'll be crying too-
But girl you know I only want what's best for you.
What good is all my pride If our true love has died?
Go on and be his bri-ide And don't you worry about me.

I'll be strong i'll try to carry on.
Although you know it won't be easy when you're gone.
I'll always think of you The tender love we knew.
But somehow I'll get through
So don't you worry 'bout me.
Ooooooooooh bay-ay-by.

Sweetie pie
Before you say goodbye
Remember if he ever leaves you high and dry:
Don't cry alone in pain
Don't ever feel ashamed
If you want me again
Just don't you worry 'bout me.
I love you
No matter what you do
I'll spend my whole life waiting if you want me to.
And if this is goodbye
You know I'd rather die
Then let you see me cry-
,Cause then you'd worry 'bout me.
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