My Open Hands Were Once Welcoming Lyrics

The worst of thoughts and feelings arose when all the insecurities were beaten out and shown, a soft shell easily cracked, I was once intact, I was once intact. The devil, a force unknown was dug up from his grave, his home- the shadow darkened half of my face, and evil tore up the only beautiful picture I've ever held. The weak can't protect it from make makes it weak, my mind a flash of white in my eyes and fear brought me back to reality. What became of me? My open hands were once welcoming. My open hands once held beauty. My hands, sweating and shaking.
And I'd still beg forgiveness, will anyone forgive me? It's the fact that I'm still sorry, I still can't forget. I'm screaming, for myself to move on, I'm still walking in circles, getting hurt all over again, a self torture of constant regret, well I can't see myself forgiving me just yet.
And I scream at the past and all I remember And I laid beneath for what seems like forever as wrinkles soon came from being underwater.
Only just one thing can allow my cries to be heard. Only just one thing can put my feet back on the earth.
Because I miss my mum and I miss my dad and I miss my sister, I love them so much.
But their eyes are blind, their tongues are tied, their trembling hands.
And my words shatter only my teeth from keeping it in, my tongue bitten, now a fork of bitter wishing.
And we're thinking aloud within our head, we're thinking aloud with our voices. We're thinking aloud with our hands, because our words were given sound to be heard.
And I'll be heard some day, but for now I'm content.
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