Sparkling Sky Laser Lyrics

I have never gone through such a big love
that you see in movies but
have been betrayed,
and even had beef with people
I had times that I was about to break down
But I found it, "only one"
"Youngness" can't be bought
even if a billionaire puts down a pile of bills
When a young kid is still a young kid
Being able to meet you gets me excited

Fall into the sky
Gonna dance with you taking
your hand, eye to eye
Conveying my love to you oh oh

Fall into the sky
Making you laugh and cry
So telling you my feelings
Hoping you will be mine forever
Won't let you go

Why are you crying now?
I cannot understand
Oh tell me why, my love
What is making you so sad
Why are you crying now?
Those clear tears will wash my "today" far away
Makes me feel I can't come back
Wow Wow Wow
The sound that hits your heart
Wow Wow Wow
The words (that) hit you deep in your heart
Wow Wow Wow
Beat it now
We wanna dance with you now

The sound that hits your heart
The words that hit your heart
Beat it now
Hey you all, let's jump
to the night sky, sky, sky
I still remember in my heart,
the first smile you showed me
Sure sure sure it was beautiful
I don't know how many times
I was saved by your smile
Will keep holding your hand

So just dance Tonight, So just dance Tonight
I will keep loving you and keep talking to you
from my heart until the end

So hey you, here comes the end; the last scene
As I said, I'm not in love like
what you see in movie but to me,
your love is movie like
Actually, you are the protagonist yeah
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