Short but Seems Long,Time of Our Life Lyrics

Short but seems long
Time of our life
What can and will you do in the remaining time
Every life of all species aren't eternal
The clock is moving each and every second
Gradually heading to the epilogue
Someday, we will have to face (the) end of story

With not knowing how to stop, the second have will just keep running
Like a sandglass that won't flip
We never can take our steps backwards

Living days twenty-four-seven
Without knowing when our life will come to end
But let's just smile with joy

Time keeps flying

We ain't got so long to go
Only a few moments left
Say if everyday was 48 hours
There would have been more things we could have done
If our life span was twice as long, there would have been more smiles and laughter throughout the globe
But clock will tick and gonna not stop

Can you hear the
Clock ticking right inside your chest
Time is life so spend your days the way you want
We have got one shot as who we are now so live days with laughter

Lived a day safely basically means you've got a day closer to death
What goes around comes around
Like life goes reincarnation
Wishing that this moment will last forever is something natural
But unfortunately eternity does not exist for any human
We tend to think back of all the previous memories but clocks never wind back it's hand

We all carry fear inside
A fear that this moment will reach the end but don't you cry for now
Though it might be scared, as long as we are alive we can always come back

Sun arise from the east sky again ad alarms beside the bed rings to wake us up

Time may be flying mercilessly
Leaving and won't let nobody catch-up
But it is not about rushing
It's how you live and deal with your time

Living days twenty-four-seven
Without knowing when our life will come to end
But lets just smile with joy
Time keeps flying
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