You, Me and She Lyrics

you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby, baby
(get at the party, city of venis)

i did it to myself, couldn't help the way I felt about him
sick when he wasn't there, like I never delt without him
played the fool by choice, all I had was this man
letem have the best of both worlds cause it was his clan
all the things I wanted to hear, he told me gently
whatever it was, wanted nuthin, gave me plenty
told me that he split with this chick but couldn't shake her
cause she had his kids, so he fed her with this paper
first it started off like that, dough for closure
started slackin off, in fact it wasn't over
now my world is crumblin down, I'm fealin shake-e
used to be a superwoman, no b**** could replace me
wanted him to leave me alone, but I was caught up
thought I was strong, broke down, when braking up was brought up
tried to really ryde with this dude I thought I loved him
and every time I asked what I should do, he said trust him

[chorus 2]
you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby, (trust me) baby (hold me, yeaaa)
you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby (believe me), baby (need me, yeaaa)

to hate, I must be crazy, feeding hI'm the bullshit
attitudes and tryin to hold out that s*** was useless
the more I tried to back up, the more he kept comin
lie after lie, s***, lieing wasn't nuthin
tear after tear come down, tellin me to be cool
all I need is you baby, nobody could be you
believed him, he decieved me, just to keep me
callin me from her spots, sayin how he need me
i had to step back, he got me stressed out
this aint what I planned, thought I had my life sketched out
huh, I guess not, love me to hurt me
hurt me to make-up, then make-up to desert me
[chorus 2]

back and forth with the he said, he said got me dizzy
if I leave, know the routine, he beg cause he miss me
too late, cause you had me, lost me, daddy move on
boss-b****, no more floss, n**** I'm gone
arguements for hours me and her comparing notes and
after all the screamin stop, we comparing quotes
you got sloppy thoughts, you was that n**** let me catch you
heart didn't hurt till I covered up your tattoo
my statue, on a pedestal, every breath too
never new the worst till you felt what the best do
and I'm that, its over now, hope I stressed you
But n***** only do what we allow and I let you...
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