Let Me Be Lyrics

Ruff Ryders
Def Jam
[Verse 1]
Yo, yo, many they pop s***, but me I drop s***, and they cop it
Stay to myself most the time, but still they plot s***
b****** that's unstable, I can't be involved
'Less they want to take it back to the street, and problem solve
Touchin y'all, but me I try to chill on the chicken s***
Sit back, do Eve, mastermind my business s***
You dat, screw all these cats, that's tryin to end this s***
Hate me for the rest of your life, I'm just beginnin it

Na, na, na, naa...
You want to Ryde right
Na, na, na, naaa..
Say anything for the limelight
Na, na, na, naaa...
Just need to Let Me Be
Na, na, na, naaa...
Do you, 'cause I'ma do me
[Verse 2]
Yo, am I made up? Just my make up, nothing fake though.
b****** generate bullshit, I generate dough
On the roll now, got control and I'ma keep it
Made my move, while y'all got comfortable, while y'all was sleepin
I remember bein broke and I ain't tryin to fall back
Nobody listened to my s***, and I ain't get no call backs
ain't no way that I could have it then lose it
Take my word, I'ma keep slangin s***, makin hits, n***** ya heard?

[Verse 3]
Yo, ayo, ayo, can you deal with the wild one
When she comes around trottin down Stallion
Got they mouths open now
b****** frown and I care less, just to get attention
They would wear less, stayin mad at me, but I'm they fearless
Ryde or Die Chick, you know how I get down
Fifty dogs or more when I come through how I get 'round
Got enough stress on my brain, size of stress from you dames
And I ain't even stressin no names
'cause I'm different, nothin like you bratty chicks b******
Nothing like you whining a** n***** that's scared of itchin
What is it you really want
Beggin for your chance then you front
Prayin for a way that you could stunt, on this one here
E V E is ready for your fakin all year
Smile in my front, no use they heated at my rear
Told you from the first attack you shoulda been prepared
Huh, shoulda listened
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