Pure Birth and Loneliness Lyrics

Ahead of the land wrapped with fog. The slight immortality I once saw.
A smell of the rain disappearing whitely.
The touch I feel shows me
the memories of some time ago.
The dream the flowers bloom toward the sky,
it's put in the intentions of the finger.
Loneliness comes to life at the burst of a star
with the unheard noise.
Grasses sprout widely in the quiet morning temperature.
Beginning of storm blown by the wind, everything sways.

These cheeks of joy pass the clouds by.
infinity shines on two of us nestling close.
Winter eyes bare the sleeping mind.
Red mark on the wrist I wet with my h***se voice.
Wet my heels and run for tomorrow.
The intense beating of my heart.
Machine of consciousness discloses the secret.
The clock ticks the roads today.
Infinite distance. Derangement of dreams.
Lending and borrowing of lives. Masks' eyes.
Lies of the bouquet. Melting ice.
Actual pain. Consciousness sleeps.
Change of the seasons. The pure world.
The moon grieves in the daytime.
Winds sliced by autumn.
Fallen fragments.
Faces dyed in red.
Greatest pleasure is over.
Silhouettes of men disappeared.
See the pointless true motive.
I lent on top of the layered sweat.
I fly this day with the crooked wings.

-Translation by Teruhiro Takenouchi
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