Life Caught in the Rain Lyrics

The eyes decide the times continually.
Trust a bit tilted shape.
As a result, it is destroyed in a long run.
Color you saw slips through your hands.
Things you meant are the eyes that open the daily oaths.
Sit on a transparent chair and proceed beyond thoughts.
Time of remorse passed in the waving sea.

Warped time slices the sense of sight.
The love of moving water becomes a burden.
The voice of happiness echoes in the distance.
The actuality I saw goes through the void between my fingers.
The sunlight we both see. A lucky charm on my neck.
A command seperates the individuals and becomes a god in the lone-world.
A figure moved in a windowpane. It's the whirlpool and a piece of life.

In a box of sound.
Burns the heart that fails.
And in my dream it shows,
The immaterial actuality cracked in the sky.
Life caught in the rain. A live emotion brushes the ashes off.
The world we go as we shut up. We haul the savior's voice in as it talks.

Back of the eyes lead you.
To the eternal solitude.
A plucked feather decides.
A dying light, a dying light.
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