Why Is It Me Lyrics

I don't need a reason to love you
'Cause I just know that the feeling's there
'Cause it's always there (hmmmmm)
And I'm not searchin' for anyone
To tell me words and make me feel secure
'Cause I know I'm sure
But if there's somethin' that I do
That brings out the feeling in you
Why is it me? What do you see?
You could have anyone
It would be so easy
Why is it me? You could be free.
And holdin' anyone you wanted.
You are able to read me
And you know how things are inside
The things I can't hide (hmmmmm)
And you say you don't need anyone
To turn to, 'cause you are satisfied
Well so am I.
But if there's somethin' that I do
That helps to make it better for you

You can take me, and make me
Sometimes you can break me
You have the power
Oooh girl yes you do
What makes you love me, and hug me
What keeps you thinking of me
With no doubt
And what is the one thing you can't do without

Repeat CHORUS to fade
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