In Longing Spirit Lyrics

[Words: Samoth & Ihsahn/ Music: Ihsahn/ Arrangements:Ihsahn & Samoth]

Entrance my mind with thoughts of ancient times
I wonder...
Did they walk this path
Open seas
An endless horizon they seam
I wonder...
Where did they go

Source of light and dark
I wonder...
Did they comprehend
Seasons running through my veins
Like snow melting on my skin
They crawl beyond my flesh
and gasp my yearning eyes

The force of divinity
What caused its end...

I drown in thoughts
Yet, answers have abandoned this place
Long ago
Blood runs cold from my arm...

Another one is now to die
Is he the last to see
The graceful entity of Nature
Is he the last to have his heart and soul
Nailed in Her embrasce...

He passes on...
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