Try My Best Lyrics

I'm gonna try my best to love him
Don't know why I want him so
Yeah I'll try and keep him by my side
I won't ever let him go
Oh I've learned too much in my poor life
To laugh at humor I can't see
It's sad I know that I can't show
My love, but I won't set him free
So I'm gonna try my best to love him
Even if it takes all night long
Even if this feeling hurts me
I've heard pain can make you strong
And I know that I'm not his girl
Really never thought I'd care
But to see him in your arms
That's the one thing I can't bear
If you said I had no heart
Well I hardly think I'd cry
'Cause there ain't one thing you know 'bout me
That I'd bother to deny
And it's not that I don't find him sweet
I know too well his voice, his touch
His eyes, and often underneath
I wonder that I try this much
Still it would be a shameful lie
To say I love this boy, this man
But I am fond and he is fine
So in the end perhaps I can
I agree this child deserves
A better friend and lover too
But I'm gonna try my best to love him
Just to keep him far from you
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