A Plea to the Dying Lyrics

So that's it then all there is you've moved on without me you do not suffer as I do
it is so clear what can I do and yet I will reach you somehow with my mind all I
have I will invade your dreams I will not ask if it is right I do not care you must
see me time is running out no I cannot touch you but I will reach beyond
dimension beyond realm beyond memory to touch you in some small way and tell
you beg you to stop
and think what you are doing is it what you want is it what you think you ares
upposed to want is it the only comfort you have ever known and you feel safe
well you are right to want this and I am wrong to want to stop you but you need
not make this move what who says you must if you love if she loves why ask the
world to take notice just let it be and go on loving out of choice not duty am I
so blind what do I not see when I look at her that you do why do you not know that
everything you ever wished for everything you were afraid to say out loud
everything you hate and desire and will never understand lies in one who would
never be brave enough to tell you can you but open your eyes for one single
shining moment and see yourself in the light that I do can you not see that you are
the answer to all my fears I could feel safe with you andyes I have my daggers and scars
and everything that would keep you back but if you make this move you close a
door you can never reopen and I will not pass through it anymore and I can tell
you that a life lived in waiting for what never comes is far better than a life
content in the knowledge of what is certain never to becan you not wait
can you not be brave and see beyond this moment beyond this sense of comfort
you feel see your life open before you trusting in things to come believing they
will be worth the wait and thrilling in the thought that you have no idea what the
next dream will bring you now I am here with you see my eyes as you have so
many times before see the way I look at you see what you always felt but never
dared to show believe in your power to get the thing you dream of even when it is
the very thing you fear the thing no other man can hope to attain look into your
heart and see written there the name of her you love who is it that fascinates you
who is it that knows you better than you yourself who is it that will be waiting
when it all ends at the end of the path
with a smirk and a sarcastic comment and a kiss on the neck don't leave me
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