Tekkno Scene Lyrics

Said this could be a
Color crusher
Color rusher
Touch this tune see
Simi sala
Bim bim be
Flush this room
Sploomin' through
Sara fallin' from the roof
Heaven is a layer singer
Yala linga yal

And I was crawlin' around
In the mad Tekkno Scene

Said like a busy bee
From b**balee
Will suck
This juice
Hunter dragon jump up
And they fill the youth
Youth, they are drippin' from the clubs
They are!
Drippin' after Drippin'
d*** you liquid linga yal
Kakashi Sensei is what them all would have to
If not me then violent type of A-K
I'm okay just dont touch my hair
A place called everywhere
Erehwyreve (Everywhere backwards)
1:45 is practice
Survival tactics
Best to defeat it
Dallas Mavericks
They draw through the sell out
Never saw them knocking
I perfer a pumpo
We can get it poppin'
That was for the dancers
Not to everybody
Every person has an answer so when they ask if your cousin with a next black person too?
Tell em' f*** you
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 hands up in the air
Skipping 5, 0 'cause nobody really cares
The tekkno thing is a foreign thing
I must be in the past
Bling bling
And I was crawlin' around
In the mad Tekkno Scene
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