True Love Lyrics

True love is a rose,
Behind glass that's locked and kept closed.
Maybe just to me,
'Cause my heart's been attacked
and shattered by tough love, bad love.
So I bought mine off the street.
True love, man, it just can't be beat.
I felt so complete;
Married to heavenly bodies above.
And each night, I'd look up at a bright honeymoon.

'Cause it sure seemed built to last,
Even after my honeymoon passed.
I kept right with it, man,
Like a ghost to the house it once haunted.

Day after day, I'd steal with my true love away.
To some hide-out we left undisturbed,
We could do what we wanted.
But I started to feel like a liar,
Saying I love you.

She was madly in love or mad at me,
There was no in between.
I raised my alarm.
Found that I can't make a stand,
I'm her hired hand.
I have to do harm.
One day, I got sick.
She played me a nasty old trick.
Said, "I need cigarettes";
Walked around the block,
Caught a cab.

Stayed gone for too long,
My love had gotten so strong.
Just to try being back on my own,
I had to go to rehab.
All I need is a safe place to bleed.
Is this where it's at?
A ghost of a chance, steps in a dance,
Rest of my life spent in combat.

Now I'm the king of the ward,
'Cause I'm good and I swallow my sword,
And puke it out for the doctor to write a new prescription.

Tranquil as a dove.
People that have lost their true love,
They all seem to fit the same description.
I feel cold, useless, and old.
I wish I was no one.

Take me home, my love.
Take me home today.
Take me out of this place.
Take me out with you today.
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