Stickman (alternate version) Lyrics

i sit here shooting blanks
out of emptiness
ain't nothing I really want to kill
maybe time I guess
sit and spin the world and its flipside
and listen backwards for meaning
'Cause I'm a stickman
I live with one dimension dead
Try not to think too many moves ahead

I draw from memory
the stillest kind of life
Cut slide after slide
we know pain's the sharpest knife
project what's done so everything's in your face
the severe color reversal
and i'm a stickman
in frames they go
one by one
if i sped it up
you'd see I'm on the run
from some monster off-screen
killing sons

lonely makes me blue
envy turns me green
hate might paint me red
if I load my magazine
but not just now when its easy to stay clean
no one knows sees where I'm bleeding
I'm a stickman
in black and everything is clear
empty in fact with all of that down here
loading my blanks to make a silent sound
so make me smile and make the cruel clown
who drew me this way frown
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