Edenbridge Lyrics

The Bonding
  1. Mystic River
  2. Alight a New Tomorrow
  3. Star-Crossed Dreamer
  4. The Invisible Force
  5. Into a Sea of Souls
  6. Far Out of Reach
  7. Shadows of My Memory
  8. Death Is Not the End
  9. The Bonding
  10. Mystic River (instrumental version)
  11. Alight a New Tomorrow (instrumental version)
  12. Star-Crossed Dreamer (instrumental version)
  13. The Invisible Force (instrumental version)
  14. Into a Sea of Souls (instrumental version)
  15. Far Out of Reach (instrumental version)
  16. Shadows of My Memory (instrumental version)
  17. Death Is Not the End (instrumental version)
  18. The Bonding (instrumental version)