Drowning the Light Lyrics

An Alignment of Dead Stars
  1. Distant Autumn Rain
  2. An Alignment of Dead Stars
  3. The Flame
  4. Sound the Battle Horn
  5. Drinking the Sacrament of Eternity (Revenge of the Impaler)
  6. A Call to Arms
  7. Dragged to an Ocean Grave
  8. Crippled Lies and a Fallen Prophet
  9. Gone...
  10. Drifting Away in a Sea of Sorrow
  11. In a Time of Honour
  12. Vampyre (The Broken Dirge of Aristocracy)
  13. Nocturne Batracien
The Serpents Reign
  1. The Mark That Lies Beneath
  2. White Tomb of a Whispering Forest
  3. Winter Rain & Tides of Change
  4. The Nostaliga of the Old That Runs Through Our Veins
  5. The Birth of a New Age
  6. Fields of Forgotten Melancholy
  7. Unforgotten Treachery
  8. Embraced by a Tragic End
  9. Wandering Alone and Forgotten Forever
  10. Ghosts of the South
Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride
  1. The Cry of the Wolf
  2. Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride
  3. My Honour Is True
  4. Fight... Till the Lonesome End
  5. Immortal Bloodline
  6. To the End of Time, Part II
  7. Lucifer, He Who Lights My Path
  8. Last Breath