Serenade of Sorrow Lyrics

Lucifer: And the fire burn'd inside my eye's
As ye fall's ascending like a moment o' joy

Lucifer: My thorns where sown in ye light o' Day
Spirit : His thorns were spawned from the grasp o' God
Lucifer: And the winds... they blew...
Spirit : And the pain... it grew...

Lucifer: Until my winds, they blew no more.
Spirit : But holiness grew no more

Both: I scream'd out at/into the dawn!
Grievance fro' the horizon she comes...

Lucifer: I wonder if I could stay in His world.
'cause sooner or later my
Both: Pain must end!

Lucifer: My life..
Spirit : His life cries..

Lucifer: It cries to be free..
Spirit : But soon to be free..

Lucifer: But legions of stars
Spirit : Thou art the star
Lucifer: The stars suffers with me!
Spirit : O' Venus... Oh Seraphim!

Spirit: Thou must obey thy father, thy God!
Bow down before his eyes... before his very eye's...!

Lucifer: My God! (x3)

Both: 'Father'... hear us cry!
Tell me why...!

Lucifer: Thou wilt die!!!

Astaroth: Oh, Enslaver of Souls;
Thou can not be our father!
Oh, Avengeful God;
Thou hast brought us agony!
Lucifer: Our sorrow...
Spirit : Sorrow, so beautiful...

Lucifer: In heav'n..
Falling from this world.
Spirit : They are falling...

Lucifer: Takest us away,
Here is nothing but pain
Spirit: God is smilling

Lucifer: We shall enter darkness...
Spirit : Smiling

Lucifer: We love,
Her the realization
Spirit : Salvation comes but pain..

Lucifer: Behold our salvation!
Spirit : Still grows...
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