Choo Choo Train Lyrics

Choo-choo train, chug chugging at the station
Choo-choo train, conductor pull the cord
Choo-choo train, you know our destination
Choo-choo, choo-choo, all aboard
Choo-choo train chug-chugging out by jimminy
Engineer, toot-toot your toot -a-toot
Smoky smoke, puff puffing up the chimney
Choo-choo choo-choo, we're in route
Porter, fix the room and porter, bring us ice
Porter, get a broom; sweep out the shoes and rice
Porter, thanks a lot, you've been so very nice
Porter, tell yiou what - here's a quarter, shoo-shoo porter

Choo-choo train, please pardon us for hiding
I'll explain, in case you didn't guess
Choo-choo train, it's heaven to be riding
Choo-choo, Choo-choo, the honeymoon express
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