Don Gibson Lyrics

Sweet Dreams
  1. Hurtin' Inside
  2. World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
  3. Far Far Away
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. What About Me
  6. What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You
  7. My Tears Don't Show
  8. I'd Be a Legend in My Time
  9. Next Voice You Hear
  10. Foolish Me
  11. Time Hurts (As Well as It Heals)
  12. Maybe Tomorrow
No One Stands Alone
  1. Satisfied
  2. (Prayer Is the Key to Heaven) Faith Unlocks the Door
  3. That Lonesome Valley
  4. Evening Prayer
  5. Known Only to Him
  6. Canaan's Land
  7. Where No One Stands Alone
  8. My God Is Real
  9. Wait for the Light to Shine
  10. Taller Than Trees
  11. Lord, I'm Going Home
  12. Climbing Up the Mountain